Saint-Herblain: Against Advertising, There is Only One Solution – Destruction

Against advertising, there is only one solution, destruction: 6 vehicles burned during a visit to JCDecaux in the night of 12 to 13 July 2020 in Saint-Herblain.

It is unbearable to endure more advertising as much as the government propaganda displayed on these same billboards, this visual and environmental pollution should never have existed.

This text must also send a warning to the municipalities. If you refuse to remove the advertising, we will continue to fight against it with our own methods, but you will also suffer the consequences.

Faced with these nuisances, anyone can take action: a hammer, a window breaker or even a stone and a few seconds of your time to help clean up the public space of these advertising billboards.

“To act is to fight” (Pierre-Joseph Proudhon)

#ADA / Anarchist Direct Action


[Translated by Anarchists Worldwide]

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