Prison of Pau : A letter from Anarchist Comrade Damien Camélio

Hi compas and thanks for your support.
I got arrested for shoplifting while I was on the run. The cops realised I was wanted and put me in prison. In fact, what happened is that the cops I’d publicly denounced after they beat me up had fomented a retaliation. They filed a complaint against me for contempt and rebellion. I was never called to court because the cops falsified the papers notifying me of the trial.
Likewise, they falsified the notification of the court’s decision of 5 months’ prison.

So, I found myself without realising it on the run with no possibility of defence or appeal against the decision or for an adjustment of sentence. The day the cops got their hands on me, they threw me in prison, that’s it.
I refuse the solidarity of all those who dissociate it from the attack on reality.

MA of Pau
10 March 2020

To write to him :
Damien Camélio
n° d’écrou : 28499
Maison d’Arrêt de Pau
14 bis, rue Viard
64000 – Pau (France)


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