Pau: Damien is back in prison

Anarchist comrade Damien Camélio is in prison. He is imprisoned in Pau prison, to serve a five-month sentence. He was convicted of violence against a police officer, due to an argument that took place in Saint Malo on July 31st, 2017.

Damien did not even know about this conviction: his signatures under the notifications of the date of trial, conviction and summons before the probation magistrate are false…

The comrade is in high spirits.
Solidarity is the attack!

To write to him (Damien reads French and Spanish):

Damien Camélio
n° d’écrou : 28499
Maison d’Arrêt de Pau
14, rue Viard
64000 – Pau (France)

Translator’s note: Damien was arrested at the beginning of 2014 for three attacks signed Groupe d’action directe internationaliste (against an army building in Tarbes, in the Pyrenees, against a prison in the same city and against a church of a sect near the far right, in Pau). He served two years in prison. He was re-arrested in December 2016, for damages (the windows of a supermarket, an employment office, the Chamber of Commerce and a Jaguar dealership), made during a spontaneous demonstration, in April 2016, during the movement against the Loi travail, and served 8 months.


[Translated by: Insuscettibile di ravvedimento]

[en français][in italiano]

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