Somewhere in France : Pen cut open at farm, patridges released

Bite Back / dimanche 8 septembre 2019

In the night of the 7th of september in France, a partridge farm was sabotaged and some individuals were released.

We entered the pen by sectioning the wire grid and electrified cables. The net at the top of the pen was easily and quickly cut with cutters, leaving a great opening so that the partridges could escape. We then left a trace of our visit by tagging the hangar with ‘ALF says hi’ and ‘Hunters will be hunted’. We dispersed the partridges out of the hangar so that they could flee away.
They were going to be sold to hunters to be killed. The hunters are murderers, there is an urgent need to do everything we can to stop them. Find your local farm and open their gates, until they are all free.


[en français]

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