Grenoble : One JCDecaux van less!

Fire to a van of JCDecaux [big French company specializing in public advertisement and urban’ furnishing’ (benches, ‘free’ service bicycles – repaired by prisoners – etc.); also operating in Italy under the name of IGPDecaux (those who can hear…)] in Grenoble the night between Thursday 7th and Friday 8th February.

Adverts continuously pestering us.

Multinationals and huge companies whose existence piss us off.

Their vehicles in the streets, inciting us to sabotage them.

JCDecaux and all the others, we like to see them in flames. (By the way, we find the JCDecaux depot more beautiful since Tuesday).

Support to all saboteurs, arsonists and those who struggle (outside and locked up)


[Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!]

[en français][in italiano]


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