Paris: Spreading RAGE

S. has been in prison for a year. He is acccused of setting fire to several gendarmerie vehicles in Limoges on September 18th, 2017, during the Quai de Valmy / Burnt Cop Car trial.
We are among those who do not remain silent in the face of this repression. We will not forget any comrade who is in the hands of the State.

As a small gesture of solidarity with him, on the night of March 26th, two trucks and a car belonging to Paris City Hall were torched on Rue Corvisart (13th arrondissement).
Because all structures of the State must be destroyed, whether its a barracks or a school, a prison or a CAF (welfare centre), a cop car or a City Hall car, to create the possibility of freedom for everybody.

Solidarity also with the comrades facing trial in Italy for Operation Scripta Manent (and those facing other repressive operations).

Freedom for all!
Long live anarchy!


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