Foix : Sometimes, in the night

After Grenoble, Crest, Limoges, Paris, Besançon… Foix.
In the night of 6th December, three ENEDIS sites were set on fire [ENEDIS is a branch of Electricité de France, responsible for the national electricity network].
In solitude, we listen to the night, clothed like it, black overalls behind shining eyes.
Its darkness covers us up to the scene of the crime.
Lighter in pocket.
Bottles of petrol on back.
Bodies ready for the game of chaos.
The game lasts a few hundred seconds during which we enjoy the attack on this world.
The deed done, we hasten back into the arms of the night.
We indulge in a look back.
And laugh in silence.
What a beautiful fire!


[Translated from Italian by Act for Freedom Now !]

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