Notre-Dame-des-Landes: Statement following the blocking action of the D281 in the night of Friday, August 10, 2018

Destruction/eviction: blocked road

On Friday morning, a handful of military cops destroyed reconstructed cabans in the liberated zone (also called the non-motorized zone) east in la ZAD.
Cut in small logs, the structures of « Eugette » and « the tower of A. », and also the stocked materials on the side that were destroyed by the blows of the military forces, were only waiting for a new life.
It was without counting on our anger, that of determined squatters, disseminated to the four corners of the Zone to be defended.

After several months of constant surveillance, to be photographed by cops in unmarked vehicles. After having suffered on the zone the first pressures of militias of the FNSEA (the biggest polluting agricultural productivist trade union close to the extreme right). After the many wounded and imprisoned, after having withnessed the destruction of homes and gardens during the two phases of expulsions. After trusting the negotiation process to demand effective roadbumps on the roads of la ZAD, and having never succeeded …, these new destructions have ignigted a spark!

Already in the day, the word about the destructions spread and anger rose. Once the sun had given way to a curious moon, the first howls of wolves called to gather the pack « They do not want to let us live the way we want, we will not let them sleep ». Everywhere the word was the same: at each destruction there will be a reaction.

The unusable remains of « Eugette » and « the tower of A. » fed a bonfire on the road RD281, secured for the circumstances (with banners). The first pickaxs bustled as if to tattoo in the bitumen the following message: « you destroy our houses we will destroy your illusions of social peace and your boulevards of repression ».

We therefore demand:

Free installation on la ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, and especially within the liberated zone (also called the “non-motorized zone”)

The freezing of the land-situation and the recognition of an autonomous and self-managed space

The end of the destructions, patrols and the constant checkpoints of the police.

With or without roofs ovr heads, with or without “ligimate” projects, we fight and will continue to fight against all the developers of our lives/of the disasters.

We call each and every one who can to join and reoccupy the grove so that la ZAD remains an area of struggle and of organization outside the norm.

Radish Avengers

PS  [NdAtt. : see on French page for the images] :

banner  one reads : « Extension of uncultivated lands, Food autonomy, Anti-authoritarianism, Lawlessness, Right to laziness, Freedom of installation, Unlimited reconstruction, Sabotage, Non-profit space »
banner two reads : « No signature, No negotiation, Free zone »


[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

[en français][in italiano]

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