Limoges : Gendarmerie’s vehicles in flames

In the night of 18th September 2017 we, ex-gendarmes of the mobile gendarmerie unit 41/2, collectively decided to set fire to three Mobile Gendarmerie vans, parked in the Jourdan Barracks complex in Limoges.

With this act we are leaving the gendarmerie for good.

We also want to send all our solidarity to those accused in the case of the burnt car in quai valmy, whose trial begins today, 19th September in Paris.

We are leaving the gendarmerie because we no longer want to kill, maim, repress, control, obey.

After the murder of Rémi Fraisse we met to discuss the meaning of our job as Mobile Gendarmes.

Adama Traoré’s death confirmed our doubts on the meaning of our tasks.

We no longer want to beat up demonstrators during demonstrations.

We no longer want to terrorize the inhabitants of New Caledonia and Guiana.

We no longer want to be guards in courtrooms.

We no longer want to serve in the occupation army in banlieues and ex-colonies.

We no longer want to obey politicians or act as the armed hand of Capital.

We no longer want any chiefs at all.

Our barracks is a prison, this mutiny is a first step towards the conquest of our freedom.

We call on all our colleagues, who could contemplate the fire of last night from their lodgings above, to join us.

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Anarchist Revolt of Exiled Gendarmes

[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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