Grenoble : Incendiary attack targeting 12 vehicles of energy company ERDF / Enedis

29-30.06.17: The most deadly enterprises are strategically adorned with new names. Suez becomes Engie, Vinci becomes Indigo, ERDF becomes Enedis. These changes of appearance do not miraculously deceive. In a world where communication falsifies everything, let us frankly expose those responsible for the organized disaster. ERDF works on the constant electrification of our territories. ERDF is deployed between each production site and consumer home. It is this network, this mesh of cables that plug human beings into dams, wind turbines, photovoltaics and nuclear power plants. EDF, alter-ego of ERDF administers doses of energy control bureaucracy. We will not discuss the insignificant distinctions that others like to make between the industrial modes of electrical production. We condemn them all.
Let us explain the night we destroyed the ERDF vehicles: We had firelighters in our pockets, a few liters of flammable material and our determination, sabotage then became necessary for us knowing the evidence against one of the thousands of avatars of the capitalist infrastructure.

Due to the vital function of this company in flow management.
Due to the environmental devastation caused to the environment where EHT lines run.
Due to our acute addiction to the electrical industry.

Added to this is the small but very harmful device, the Linky. The dangers of this meter have already been explained by others who are more knowledgeable than us. The Linky is just a prelude, a pioneering device in the new wave of domesticating technology that is coming. Domotics is progressing, the old cybernetic dream is embodied. Let us not stop here, let us go back to its roots, to the genesis of nuisances. Behind the Linky lies the omnipresent industry and the logical dispossession of the material means to produce our own energy.

It’s about attacking, and the targets are many. We are attacking those who are responsible for the present state of the world. We are opportunists. Why this target rather than another? Vinci, Suez, Eiffage and the CEA are all enemies. There are others too. Their arrogance is unbearable. We look for weaknesses, seeking where to strike to remind them that people resist and turn their criticism into action.

We wish to share this practice of sabotage. It is old but it is still current. It is putting a wrench in the cogs of the machine. We are aware that the ERDF and their misdeeds will not be stopped by our action. But we are aware that without offensive actions against it, ERDF is free to expand its grip.

It is not a question of dialogue or criticism of ERDF. With the sabotage of these vehicles we attack an enemy, we establish a balance of power, and we demonstrate that we can overcome our fears. Because it is no longer possible for us to contemplate misery by dressing our wounds or simply doing nothing. But sabotage is not an end in itself. This practice is just one of many others in our lives. We choose them in order to fully live our lives.

[Translated by Insurrection News]

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