Besançon : Four ATMs sabotaged

Besançon: Some well placed punches!

In solidarity with the comrade who was arrested a few days ago in Brittany and imprisoned in Fleury (on the outskirts of Paris) and who is accused of having participated in a liberating evening in Paris in April 2016.
On the night of December 14, fours ATMs were hammed at the ‘rue de Belfort’ in Besançon. The affected banks were LCL, La Poste, CIC and Crédit Agricole.
These destructive actions were also carried out in solidarity with the anarchists in Italy who were taken by Operation Scripta Manent as well as those who are currently being tried for the bank robbery in Aachen.

Neither guilty nor innocent!

For a solidarity offensive!

[Translated by Insurrection News]

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