France & Belgium : Actions in solidarity with Damien & other prisoners of the labour law protests

Since the arrest and detention last month of Damien, accused of carrying out various attacks last Spring during the labour law protests in France, a number of autonomous actions have been carried out in solidarity with him and other prisoners of the revolt.

On 13-14th December, two cash machines were attacked in Marseille, and four were attacked in Besançon, both with messages of solidarity to the comrade imprisoned in Fleury.

Autonomous actions have been carried out in Brussels, where cars belonging to Vinci, Bam (a builder of Belgian prisons), and a private security firm were set alight. In another action in Brussels, a private security car had its windows smashed.

In Paris, a Jaguar was torched, accompanied by the following communique (translated from french by Rabble),

“We found out about your detention and it filled us with rage. We went near Passy at dawn on 26th, the day of your birthday. We thought that instead of lighting candles, it would be better to light a Jaguar. We found one on Francisque Sarcey street, and it so happens that a bourgeois is now getting about on foot.

A little fragment in the social war in front of the doors of the rich, a small gesture of solidarity for you and all the other prison rebels.

Freedom for all! Fire to this world!”

[Communique in german, italiano & Srpskohrvatski]

Damien is just one of a number of rebels currently imprisoned and being prosecuted in connection with last year’s labour law riotous protests. Some of the prisoners are being held in Fleury-Mérogis along with him. On New Year’s Eve, a group gathered outside the prison, let off fireworks and chanted slogans.

[Translated & compiled by Rabble]


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