Paris : 5 Socialist Party offices smashed against the “State of Emergency”

5 local headquarters of the governing Parti Socialiste (PS) have lost their windows.

In recent days 5 PS offices have had their windows smashed out in Paris and the suburb of Seine Saint Denis:

In the 3rd Arondissement (40 rue Charlot), the 15th (36 rue Mathurin Régnier), the 5th (328, rue St Jacques), in Lilas (rue du 14 Juillet) and in Pré Saint Gervais (33 rue Gabriel Péri).

To oppose the State of Emergency [repressive “emergency” legislation imposed after the recent killings in Paris, and repeatedly extended] means to oppose the State and the party in power, the PS.

This is not done by strolling alongside political parties, trade unions and obscurantist bigots, nor having banquets with religious, nor just by complaining against police violence.

Long live direct action!

They send their cops to smash our doors, we smash their windows (or something else)!

Against the State!

[Translated by Rabble]

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