Marseille: A few revengeful blows against RTM

In the night between 6th and 7th December, the building of RTM [Régie des transports métropolitains, the public transport agency of Marseille and surroundings] on boulevard Clemenceau had its windows smashed and a message was written on the floor outside the entrance door: “RTM murderers”.

This was a minimal gesture of revenge following the murder of Saïd M’Hadi* at the end of September, killed by RTM ticket inspectors; these are the same inspectors who take part in police raids in their daily operations.


* Note of the Italian translator: Said died suffocated on 22nd September at an underground station in Marseille. RTM officers pinned him to the ground after a ticket control he allegedly reacted against in a “virulent” manner, according to inspectors (Said had learning disabilities).


[Translated (from Italian) by Act for freedom now!]

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