Montreuil: The van of Valmy street

This is the story of an eiffage van. A brand new van. Because it has obviously replaced the one that, as we read, was burned earlier this year in the same area. A brand new van, therefore, which ends up burning.

An Eiffage van is most often used to build cages.

Sad cages with colors that sound false. Cages to get us used to conformity, to prepare us for work and to play the social role we have been assigned.

Cages that are depressing or full of noise and lights that make our heads spin, supposed to motivate us to waste our time and energy in occupations that are too often useless or harmful.

Falsely welcoming cages to fill with trinkets to park us when we are not busy producing or consuming. To hide the emptiness that our life has become.

Gloomy cages with barbed wire and bars, when we don’t want to or can’t play the social role we have been assigned.

Sanitized cages to try to prolong this existence when it is the very life that is missing.

The characteristic of this existence is its absence of life, replaced by a set of objects and more or less obliged occupations. But there will always be someone to avenge this life that is taken away from us. Because the only dignified life in a society that prevents us from living is the destruction of this society.

So this is the story of the Eiffage van that was set on fire on Sunday night, 27 rue Valmy in Montreuil.

This is the story of a van that will not be the last to go up in smoke.

Solidarity with Boris, with Toby Shone, imprisoned in England and with the three Italian anarchists currently on trial and facing many years in jail.

Long live anarchy!


[Translated by Dark Nights]

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