Sabotage of Cherry Creek Youth Prison, so-called Australia

received by mail / sunday, 21 mars 2021

One summer night just gone, with noses twitching and the spirit of insurrection burning in our tiny hearts, we burrowed our way into the construction site of the Cherry Creek Youth Prison, near Werribee, so-called Victoria, Australia. We sabotaged 11 machines and destroyed 4 cell blocks worth of infrastructure.

With this attack we remind John Holland Construction*, and all other prison profiteers, that there are consequences for their actions, and call on accomplices everywhere to make them feel it!

As settlers and introduced pests on stolen land, the time for taking responsibility and risk was well overdue. We undertook this action in solidarity with First Nations resistance to the colonial Australian state, refugees indefinitely imprisoned, every youth who has slept a night in a cell and all people on the inside.

Forever against cages, cops and colonialism,

Direct Action Rabbit Kollective (DARK)
Bunnies Organising Together Towards Insurrection (BOTTI)


*John Holland sites and vehicles are everywhere around Naarm. Other than building the Cherry Creek Prison, they currently hold the contracts for the level crossing removals, the wesgate tunnel and other large projects.


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