Paris: Screw, choke on your certificate!

The national recruiting competition for the selection of prison guards took place on13th January in Paris, and the walls of the Parc des Expos exhibition centre and the Porte de Versailles metro station served for us to blow our top.

What can make a person lock up another up by force, deprive them of their freedom, personal initiative, identity, responsibility and loves? The lure of gain, no matter how derisory? Blind infinite obedience to an omnipotent authority that orders them “do this for me”? Sadistic delusion masquerading as benevolence, telling oneself “I’ll do it better than anyone else”? A torturer’s dubious ambition? Pressure from the job centre adviser?

All these reasons disgust us, that’s why we made sure to organize a welcoming committee from the bottom of our hearts for all the adrift and human crap who turned up to the recruitment competition for prison guards on 13th January 2021, 12:30, at Parc des Expos and Porte de Versailles, Paris. The walls of the exhibition park along the route of Tram 1 and those of the metro station corridors served for us to blow our top and were copiously covered in what we think of people who spend three hours competing to become jailers, as well as the world they defend:
Against confinement revolts and freedom
Fire to the prisons
Here we recruit prison guards
Rather unemployed than screw
Screw, watch out
Rather do nothing than be a torturer
Screw, choke on your exam certificate
Fire to the jails and your cars

In the hope that they give up, or at least have some nightmares, but also because we will not passively let individuals become lockers-up.

There is no such thing as a “kind screw” a “nice prison guard” or a “caring jailer”. The screws who’d have you believe they are there to help you back into society or to get through your sentence, are and remain the people who lock you up, who have chosen what side they are on: that of authority, oppression, control, prison, the State. Everything we hate.

Let’s not forget that competitive exams are often run to hire the various servants of power, all of whom deserve our contempt. By the way, the next session of this exam will take place in March.

A word to the wise…

P.S.: to have an idea of what this exam is:

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[Translation : Act for freedom now!]

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