Somewhere in France : Relay antenna set on fire

In May, we too we did what we liked. We set fire to a relay antenna.

We wanted to participate in the joyous wave that has spread around the world against technology. Sometimes, through the voice of the media, power chooses not to talk about certain things, for various reasons; that is what happened in this case and makes us hope that numerous unreported, unclaimed, actions against domination were carried out during this period.

It is clear that telephone operators are actively involved in the smooth running of the capitalist order. For a long time relay antennas have been important repressive tools to monitor and control communications and movement. And when the State decides that the only form of communication allowed must be virtual, the importance of technology is further increased. Indeed, our desire to attack them too.

It was possible to prepare this attack in a period when the State, the citizens, sought to prevent us from going out. It made us happy to find that when the net is closing, despite everything gaps open up.

We send all our solidarity to those affected by repression, whether imprisoned, electronically braceleted, under judicial control, surveillance or wanted.

Solidarity with the anarchists targeted by operation byalistok.


[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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