Grenoble: Coordinated Incendiary Attacks Against Relay Antennas

Incendiary attacks around Grenoble

Vacuum-sealed life or insubordination?

Every day of your life, your body says things. And your body can’t lie.

Do you hear the sound of engines, the hum of drones, helicopters…the flickering of neon lights, streetlights?
How many hours a day do you spend in front of a TV screen? Computer screen? Tablet? Smartphone? Behind a window? Windshield?
Does it bother you when windows don’t open? Does air conditioning solve the problem?
Do programs, apps, algorithms guide your life?
How many hours a day do you sleep? And more importantly, what is the quality of your sleep?
Are you still aware of the stimuli that surround you?
How do you react to sound, light, heat, touch?
Is music a way to fill the silence or to provoke emotions?
How many of your emotions need alcohol or other drugs to express themselves?
Do you do a lot of different movements with your body? Are you discovering new ones, new amplitudes?

How do you feel affected by situations of forced passivity?
How do you feel affected by the constant onslaught of sounds? artificial voices? videos? advertisements? advertising slogans?
What perpetual feelings of urgency do they create?
Do you need moments of contemplation? Do you remember how it feels?
How far can you look? If it’s only a few dozen meters away, what state of mind do you think it creates?
How do you feel affected by the crowd? How much space does your body need? How do you feel affected by the size of the room you live in? by the number of right angles? by the number of parallel lines, square, geometric shapes?
Do you need to see the sky? to see water? to see trees? animals?
Is that why you have a dog? a cat? potted plants? a balcony? go to the park?
Where does your food come from? What’s your relationship to it? Do you think what you ingest is good for you?
Do you remember the last time you ate something that didn’t come from a supermarket?
How long can you go without knowing what time it is?
How do you feel affected by the wait? Waiting in line, waiting in traffic, waiting to pee, waiting to learn how to discipline your needs?
How do you feel affected by the repression of your desires? formatting, denial or sexual frustration from childhood? fear or competition with people of the same sex as you? sexuality as a means of reproduction/control?
Is pleasure dangerous? Can danger be joyful?
Do you sometimes still feel a wilderness inside you? animal life?
Do you feel a void, a lack of meaning so strong that words can hardly express it?
Do you sometimes feel on the verge of going completely out of control?
Don’t you think that should have been the signal?

On the night of May 17-18, 2020, we burned down the Haute-Jarrie relay antenna.
At least two other relay antennas were attacked simultaneously around Grenoble.

Relay antennas are among all the intruders that disfigure the landscape. They are used for mass communication, soon even in the most remote places. Currently, the 5G installations are deployed for this purpose.
The babble and chatter of the masses and the perpetual hype reveal the true communication vacuum as much as the absence of real communication. But there can be no true communication without true “social relations”. The sham social relations of social networks are a clear indication of this.
The existential emptiness of an era can thus be measured, in particular, by the incessant communicational void that fills it.
But we do not want a world in which the guarantee of being able to communicate at a distance, constantly and everywhere, is exchanged for the fact that we can be constantly monitored and controlled.
Apart from the fools who rejoice in a world and a life that are “increased” and do not realize – or accept – that they are exchanging an ever-increasing quantity of constraints for an ever more appalling quality of life. It is nothing more than existence dressed in the hateful rags of a vacuum-sealed life.

In the vacuum-sealed world, in addition to being colonized by human beings, to being covered with asphalt scars, in addition to the destruction of so many other forms of life that it shelters, etc., the earth, across all its expanses, is equipped and squared (among many others) by telecommunications facilities. Even across the sky, which is cut by so many air transport journeys, it is no longer just constellations of stars but constellations of satellites that crisscross space.
Radioactivity, electromagnetic waves, pollution and viruses of all kinds are the increasingly polluted oxygen of the 21st century.

That with the awareness of all this this world makes one think of an “open-air prison” is not surprising. All the more so when the current pandemic has allowed and will continue to allow the State to put us, through confinement, in solitary confinement – admittedly personalized for the most part.
For those who still doubted it, the prison system is therefore the punitive aspect of this governmental organization of life. An organisation that will soon lead to widespread surveillance and control of the masses thanks to artificial intelligence, cameras and smartphones with facial recognition, all via the close network of the internet.
Confinement has shown enough that telecommunications are central to the lives of “people” to the point of accepting self-enclosure.
While some people, with their window displays (“procession”, “demonstration”…), have chosen its simulacrum, others have (continued to) propagate the revolt by tagging, breaking, sabotaging, setting fires..

For what choices are left in this world?
That of the vacuum-sealed life whose concerns are the new gadget to buy, the new app to download?
Or that of insubordination and revolt, whose concerns are the sensitive experiences lived according to ones ideas, individual fulfilment stripped of as many societal constraints as possible…?

Insubordination is to withdraw from this vacuum-sealed life.

Bats Transmitting Fire


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