Marseille: It’s not the targets that are missing…

Because it is not always easy to find ways to express solidarity.
Because there are a thousand things we would like to do, but there is always too little time, few means or accomplices…

Meanwhile, in a few, but full of anger, we have ruined the consulate of Chile in Marseille; nothing extraordinary, but better than nothing. We were pleased, we know that it will be a nice wink to friends over there [in Chile] and we hope it will make others want to do things like this.

Our anger knows no borders: Haiti, Ecuador, China, Bolivia, Rojava, Algeria, Chile, Lebanon… there are uprisings everywhere and we tell ourselves that there is no lack of objectives and that it is enough to know how to look…

Here like over there, death to the cops, the states and the armies!

Abrazo desde Francia weones! [Hugs from France, guys!]


[Text translated from Italian by Insuscettibile di ravvedimento]

[en français][in italiano][en español]

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