Paris: Continue the hostilities

Even if the big summits of the powerful can represent good moments to express the hatred that we in many have for them, we can turn against the world of the bosses and their servants at any time. For it’s always the right moment to continue hostilities against any form of authority.
And the neighbourhoods of the rich are always there, not only on Saturdays dressed up in yellow vests.
In the night between Monday 26th August and Tuesday 27th August, the Mercedes owned by some diplomatic mission chief was burnt, in Avenue Foch.

A thought to those arrested in Biarritz and surroundings, those who are still paying for the G20 days in Hamburg and the Parkbench case three.
Let’s unleash our harmful inclinations!

Lovers of public benches in the sixteenth *


* Italian translator’s note: probably a reference to Brassens’ song ‘Les amoureux des banc publics’ – the sixteenth arrondissement in Paris is a very wealthy neighbourhood


[Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!]

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