Paris area : Pheasant farm raided

Bite Back / mardi 24 septembre 2019

On the night of 18 to 19 September, in the Paris region, a pheasant farm was sabotaged and people escaped.

A group of activists broke into a farm in order to be able to give back their freedom to pheasants specifically raised for hunting. Hunting season having already begun, it is only to offer them an advance on the releases already planned by the hunters in the hope that they can flee far enough and not suffer the mortal consequences of what is only a hobby for their oppressors …

The place was found by satellite images, looking for large green spaces in the countryside, dotted with small lines arranged in straight rows (the posts supporting the net of the aviaries): characteristic images of hunting farms.

Powerful cutters were used to quickly enter the enclosure. At first there was a pen that encircled the aviaries. It was necessary to open it to access the latter. Then, in the same way, the activists entered the aviary and severed a large part of the nets overlooking the enclosure. There were also bushes inside the enclosure in which the net clung as it began to fall. Some pheasants refused to flee outside the enclosure while others flew away at the first opportunity. Some were hiding in the bushes of the enclosure, and others got their paws and body caught in the net now on the ground. It took us forty minutes before we could extract the majority of these people who have no way of knowing the fate that the hunters had reserved for them.

The enclosure was about 900m2 and we removed the majority of the net on this surface by cutting it with cutters and knives. We tried as hard as we could to bring it together to make it as safe as possible for pheasants who did not want to leave the enclosure, and the least impeded for those who wanted to escape.

Finally, we tagged ‘Stop Speciesism’ on the tin shelter that their future assassins had built for them.

We spent about 1 hour on site and probably allowed a hundred people to get ahead of their oppressors. However, this enclosure was one of a dozen others present on this hunting area, and we know that it is possible that most of the people released tonight will die of various reasons related to their birth and their life in captivity, or will be caught by the hunters.

There are no good outcomes when it comes to helping a large number of people born in captivity, held by human beings wanting their death. Speciesism and all the people that support it are guilty of their fate. This action was intended to hinder the deadly projects of the owners of this hunting farm, and to help to the best of our ability the people who were detained there.

Join us. Let’s help them. And demand the abolition of all dominations.

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