Somewhere in France : Hundreds of pheasants freed

Bite Back / jeudi 29 août 2019

On Wednesday, August 28, at night, we, anti-speciesist activists, sabotaged an aviary where hundreds of pheasants were held prisoners. The wire grid was opened, electrified cables were sectioned, and many openings were cut through the net.

These people were to be sold and killed by hunters soon. We hope the most of them managed to escape.

Our thoughts go to all the non-human people who are still imprisoned today and who will not get the chance to live freely before being killed by humans.

We are not heroes, this is merely a testimony. Now, it is the responsibility of all anti-speciesists to rise up and to help all the victims of speciesism, until total liberation has been achieved.

Until all the cages are empty.

We do not forget our animalists comrades who are victims of repression, including Matthias, detained in jail in Switzerland since 8 months now.


[en français]

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