Saint-Étienne-de-Boulogne : Antispeciesist Spasm

Attack Against Hunting

July 25, 02h45: a glowing crescent smiles at me among the stars. In front of the Ardèche hunting training center, a luminous panel displays 23 °. I make my way towards the building, passing the painted wooden animal targets. Hate rises within me at the sight of them, sharpening my determination. At the foot of the facade I reach the last bushes. A camera watches, soon I’ll be within its field of vision. In my head, I have already lived what is coming dozens of times. Jump the barrier, climb the parapet, climb up to the corridor and run to cover the camera. For the moment I am crouched, already panting, my heart beating.

I take a deep breath and run up, crossing each obstacle successfully, a lot less elegantly than I had imagined. I open my bag, grab a crowbar and start forcing a window, without any luck. With my free hand I grabbed the hammer, smashed the window and crept inside. A few steps were enough to make the sensor alarm scream. I moved quickly into the 1st room and moved chairs, tables and cartons into a heap. I emptied a tin of petrol onto them and opened a window. The fire will need oxygen. I then made my way to the upper level and repeated the operation. There were few combustible materials up there, so I stacked some small trestles under the framework hoping that the flames would lick and consume it. I pour the fuel and light it. Suddenly a bright light and powerful breath fills the room. The fire alarm goes off immediately.

I run to the staircase and head downstairs, jumping the steps four at a time, sprinkle the pile of furniture with petrol, collect what remains of my coolness and summon the flames again. Wonderful. Quitessence du ravage. Unbridled appetite for fire. No time for contemplation, alas, I head back down and leave. I’m safe, the fire is behind me, the twigs of trees in front of me. I laugh with relief, time is moving again.

This night, 11 people have lost their shit jobs since the site will definitely be closed. Foxes and badgers must have laughed in the valley. Of course the hunters will find other premises, train other slaughterers, chase, hunt down, maim and rip apart other savage lives again. But of course we will be there, sabotaging their devices, destroying their vehicles and buildings, releasing future game and abused dogs.

The ardor of ideas inexorably calls for action.
Against the infamy of hunting and beyond.
Against domination and animal exploitation.

Anarchist solidarity to the antispeciesist rebels


[Translated by Anarchists Worldwide]

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