Saint-Martin-d’Hères (Isère) : The anguish of a blank page

Telling what happened so that it doesn’t remain a dead letter.

Cars are burned every day. Not without reason, perhaps. What does this metal cage represent for each of us? What is it really? Does destroying it not mean giving it back its original value?

We lit a fire under the front left tyre of a van belonging to JCDecaux [a big French company specialized in advertising and urban fittings also in Italy] in the night between 4th and 5th September. About fifteen minutes later, from afar, we heard the first tyre explode.

How many people who realized what had happened took the trouble to phone the authorities? How many people preferred to admire the spectacle of this advertising beacon? We’ll never know.

Attacking cars won’t change the face of the world. It might change our lives.

We aren’t forgetting the attack on other forms of power. In particular those that we participate in every day. Perhaps it is more challenging to attack our determinisms rather than material things… even if we enjoyed burning that screen-painted vehicle. It is one of the rare moments of disobedience we can allow ourselves. And acknowledgement of our daily obedience is bitter.

It was so simple. Why leave intact all the material that represents and facilitates the oppression imposed on us? If only all of it could disappear so quickly, with a little petrol and a lighter!

Against all forms of power, especially those imprinted inside us.

A thought to all carbonised wrecks
A hug to our accomplices, known and unknown, locked up and outside.
To the attack!



[Translated from Italian by Act for Freedom Now!]

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