Izenave : Wind turbines, war and peace

wind turbine attack

Early in the night of August 3, in northern Bugey, a few night owls venture on a crest once crowned by the peaks of trees, dominated today by the machinery of the wind turbine industry. Tonight, it is for them that the rebels are out to destroy one, perhaps two. They are busy and soon they withdraw from the woods. Behind them, some 100 metres above the ground, flames begin to consume the machine in a metallic crackle.

Bugey is already lamentably infamous for its electro-nuclear power plant. Alas, atomic infrastructures are not exclusive in the destruction of these lands transformed into resources, prior to energy-merchandise. Here the forest is lacerated by power lines and logging roads, ravaged by towns and villages, their sawmills, quarries, ski resorts … and now their wind farms.

We can study a production mode carefully, by analyzing a multitude of related parametres. We can do calculations, analogies, comparisons, hypotheses, deductions. We can also consider that all these serious data are elements of the language of a technical and quantitative mentality, that this same scientific mentality presides everywhere in the administration of beings and things. There is no alternative or renewable energy, Total, Areva, EDF and Vinci are among the biggest investors in wind power. There is only one leviathan diversifying and optimizing Megawatt production. A devious and devastating war is taking place against all that is not yet reducible to capital. Whether we ignore or recognize it, it has tragic consequences for our lives. Rebels without cause or hope, we are entering this war conscious of being nothing, we desire everything. Victories and defeats are no longer in our vocabulary, the essential is elsewhere, it is entirely in the act of combating.

We are proud of this war, intensifying among the exploited who have been resisting for many years, and send our greatest respect to all the rebels who are fighting against our enemies. Thanks to you Burienne fighting against the nuclear and its world, to you in Briançon and surroundings, who want to destroy borders and are displaying the most beautiful international solidarity, thank you to the Borie and all other squats that are so many bastions against a deadly environment where the ELAN law is a new weapon of massive destruction against these occupations.

To all those who have not put their dreams on the path of regret, thank you, your combat inspires us. The state is at war and it has unlimited means to quell rebellion (military, cops, intelligence service, media, school …). We will end up, no doubt, like many of our friends, comrades and ancestors made prisoners of war as enemy of the republic or killed by that militia. Prison, terror weapon used for deterrence, repression and destruction of our social lives. State terrorism falls on the poorest classes with this weapon that destroys our imaginations, our desires and when psychological terror is not enough, it goes on to destroy our flesh. This scares, kills, maims and uses the worst mass manipulation techniques to pacify the population.

We refuse to be passive and resigned to this war that we will not see the end of.

Because our lives are doomed, we will fight to the end.

shadows and flames


Note of Act Freedom Now! :

In the night of Thursday, August 2 to Friday, August 3, the wind turbine number 9 of the Monts d’Ain (Ain) wind farm, in the municipality of Izenave, was burned. Five days later, a statement posted on the internet gives the reasons this incendiary action.

Two turbine doors were fractured, and the fire totally ravaged a wind turbine nacelle of this wind farm of the Monts d’Ain, as Fabien Poitevin, head of the R.E.S operating centre Energie Eolienne has explained. Two blades have already fallen, a third is threatening to fall off and the motor was also destroyed. The fire was produced in the middle of the night (around 2am), and this wind farm officially inaugurated on June 15, belongs to the same company RES which already suffered sabotage on 1 June in Marsanne, also claimed a few days later.

According to 20 Minutes, “The project to build the Monts de l’Ain wind farm had cost nearly 27 million euros. The municipalities that welcome and defend wind turbines receive several thousand euros per year for the rental of the land.“


[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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