Meylan : The Desire to End the Logic of Victimization by Creating Strong Affinity Groups & Attacking: An Empowerment of Praxis

Because we do not want to remain in the position of victims that society would like to categorize us by recognizing us as women. Victims, because we would not be able to be autonomous, to defend ourselves, to lead our lives as we see fit. We would be weak individuals, too sensitive, subject to hormonal moods, dependent and fragile. We would need strong figures to rescue us, doctors to look after us, children to nurture, cops to protect us.
Our education anchors this crap in our heads and we end up integrating it. To fight against sexism, for us, is to fight against gender. And to fight against gender is to refuse the logic of gender assignment, without denying that it also conditions us.

We do not want to be defined by the particularities of our bodies but by what results from our choices, our ethics and our actions. Even if we would like to destroy gender, it feels good to find ourselves among people who share the same feelings, who live in their flesh what it means to be assigned as women, and who have the same desire to get rid of it. Together we prove to ourselves that we are capable of acting on our ideas, and that we need no one but ourselves to do it. We prepare our revenge for all the times that we were discouraged by persuading ourselves that we were not capable, that we did not have either the skills, the strength nor the means to defuse the logic that causes us to postpone forever the moment to express our anger and our desires.

We materialized this desire for revenge by organizing ourselves to attack the gendarmerie in Meylan.

To ensure our safety during the attack (and to play a joke on the firefighters) we padlocked the car access gate to the barracks.
We then spent ten minutes squatting in the woods along the fence, but we realized that we could not spend the night there, and that at a certain point, we had to go into action. We had to face our stress and overcome it.
So after a final smile and a hug, we cut the fence.
With ten liters of petrol, we quietly attacked the car park.

We targeted the private cars of the cops, to the indignation of the press, because we wanted to attack the individuals who wear the uniforms rather than their function, their personal property rather than their tools of work. We think that roles exist because there are people to fill them. If behind every uniform there is a human, then that is who we sought to harm.

Finally, we disappeared in a burst of laughter, hurrying away…

On the way back, we were euphoric. We felt light, strong, bonded, with the feeling that nothing could stop us anymore.
We have no intention of letting anybody take this feeling of power away from us, but making it grow.

This text is also a message addressed to all the people who find themselves imprisoned in roles of supposed victims, and who conflictualize their relationship with the world to leave them, who consider themselves as individuals, without denying that they are marked by the social catagories from which they originate.
We are convinced that our limitations are both psychological and social, that in assuming these roles we become our own cops.
By organizing in affinity, and by attacking, we push these limitations.

To all the people whose actions and positions give us strength, to the two people incarcerated for the case of the burnt cop car, to the accused of Scripta Manent.

For those who give fuel to the flames from the bottom of their eyes.

Note: You can find more photos from this spectacular attack here.

[Translated by Insurrection News]

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