Paris : Anarchist Street Bulletin ‘Blasphegme’ is Taking a Break

Note from Insurrection News: ‘Blasphegme’ is an anarchist street bulletin that appeared pasted on walls all over the city of Paris in France. Four editions have been produced. The aim of the bulletin is to ‘agitate, to spread anarchist ideas, to spread seeds of subversion in a daily life as boxed-in as graph paper.’ You can read some English language translations of some of the contents of Blasphegme here:

As some may have noticed, the newspaper Blashpegme has been put on hold. The reason is that I was doing it by myself, and I decided to fly away from the gray cage I was in, and to go wandering, to seek a little beauty, joy, complicity, calm, adventure and comfort.

Perhaps one day I will write a text regarding the violence that has pushed me to take off from Paris, on the disgust and disappointment I feel in relation to an anarchist milieu that protects and justifies the aggressors, on how hard it is to exist in an environment that recognizes only the big mouths, the charismatic ones, and which distils hypocrisies, manipulations, and authoritarians; and how it is to exist as an anarchist woman, in an environment that has difficulty accepting that a comrade is capable of thinking and acting on their own without any man to depend on.

To make this journal was a blasphemy against those authoritarians who believed that they had any influence on the environment, it was to show them that there are individuals who function without their blessing (and without kneeling before them), and without belonging to one clan or another, without defending their small chapels and rigid ideologies. It was also an attempt to do something in spite of everything, on a small scale, trying to help spread ideas that are dear to me while being alone. Because we are not all equal in ‘affinity’, which relies mainly on the capacity for socialization with each other, but also on gregariousness and cronyism. Those who do not feel they have a place in this society, for various reasons, and find themselves on the margins of those small circles who claim to function differently from society, whereas this is not the case. And this paper was meant to show that even in situations of isolation (wanted or not) one can always do something…a newspaper, many interesting things, depending on the means of each person, desires, energy etc.

I thank the few comrades who helped me to paste up Blasphegme in the streets, who encouraged me and did proofreading. You gave me energy when I did not have any and you helped me to not give up in the difficult moments when you were the only ones at my side.

Maybe Blasphegme will reappear on the walls, maybe it will change language, format, etc. Who knows…for now Blasphegme hibernates.


[translated by Insurrection News]

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