Besancon : Freedom for the Hamburg G20 prisoners (08/2017)

Early last week messages of solidarity with the many people imprisoned for having participated in the Hamburg’s revolt on the occasion of the G20 summit were sent all over in the heart of this gloomy city. At the entrance of the city centre, the gigantic mural of the Agricultural Bank, a symbol of the rich’s arrogance and the power of money over our lives was targeted with paint. Also, several graffiti reconfirmed our unconditional solidarity with those who rebelled at the beginning of the month of July against the world of exploitation and domination. Finally, several parking meters were sabotaged with paint, and Parkéon was left in darkness for over 24 hours at least.

A special thought for Riccardo, whose letter we appreciated.

Freedom for the G20 prisoners! Freedom for all!

[Translated by Act for freedom now, August 27, 2017]

[en français] [in italiano]

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