Paris : Attack on a police station and a bank ATM

Indy Nantes / 9/012014

This Monday, January 6th in the morning, the police station in Rue du Rendez-vous (12th district) And BRED bank looked sad…

Normal, having eaten so many blows .. Indeed , there wasn’t much space intact on the many armored windows of the police station, and the ATM of the bank would no longer serve much.

Because the existence of cops , their presence in the streets, their dirty work (pacification, raids, defense of the rich and of the property, arrests, beatings, murders … ) are unbearable to us.

Because passivity stifles us, because we will not stand idly waiting for someone to act on our behalf.

Because this time, we have chosen to deal directly with its buildings, and we want to rid the world of the police and the horror that goes with it.

Because the enemy is findable and attackable, and everybody has the possibility to revolt.


[Translation : Attaque]

[en français]

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