Exincourt (Franche-Comté ) : a fire in construction machinery ravages the 800 m² premises of prison construction company

Est Républicain / Monday, March 3, 2014

Le feu est parti de l’intérieur. Photo Jean-Luc GILLMÉThe fire started from inside. It was 5 h 42, precisely, during the night between Saturday and Sunday, when the Doubs Fire and Rescue Centre was alerted.
A fire had just broken out, rue du Tissage à Exincourt. When help arrived, flames were ravaging the building of 800 m² and the roofing was threatened. This is actually a building of the Eiffage Construction company.
Three hoses were put into action with a dozen firefighters on deck. The wood frame had been seriously damaged and corrugated panels that were on them literally melted as a result of the heat. Shortly before 8 h 30, the fire was completely under control. According To initial findings of the investigators, the fire would have started from a garage where construction equipment was being stored. There seems to be little doubt about the wilful origin.

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