Paris : Behind their walls

Indymedia Nantes / samedi 10 août 2019

Letter from one of the three defendants incarcerated in the Paris region following a police check on the night of May 1st. To write to him:

Behind their walls 6 august 2019

There never were the hammers in the luggage room of the car, as much as a new world in the heart, what scare them and the reason why today I write from the prison cell.
After being controlled in Paris the 1st may and three months in detention organized by the cop hunting, the prosecutor that accuse, the judge that question, and the press that sentence; the possibility of getting release got canceled by the state attorney that holds the opinion that the risk of reiteration is too high and by my condition on never give up.
They expect me to say that I accept violence belongs to them, that I would talk against actions of comrades, riots and revolt under their pressure.
They ask me about what’s inside my head, and if I refuse to answer is because what’s live inside my heart.

The state attorney explains that the guaranties offered for setting me « free » under judicial control don’t ensure an environment that could « de-radicalize » me. And because of that I must remain in prison.
And I wonder how it is that while this being the place where the massacres of the state and its servant, of capitalism and its havoc, are shown more clearly, how is it that one of the visible faces of their violence could make me stop dreaming with their complete destruction.
They want us scared, and because of that I’m still here.
To create an example of punishment and spread the message on the mass media while the social tensions and conflictuality given the last months on french territory is just one move more on their game, even more convenient when they can prosecute foreigners to back up the speech with which they want to blame of these tensions whoever out of their borders, as the articles about the trillions of Germans antifascist on Paris reason of the 1st of may and similar stories that appear on this and many other states when the tensions increase in order to illegitimate the revolt, as well as serving them as a perfect warning to international rioters and anarchists as the G7 to be celebrated on Biarritz approaches.
They want us scared but it won’t work.
They can have me, but ideas can’t be imprisoned.
Neither the school that domesticate, nor the citizens that obeys, nor the neighbor that watches, the boss that steals from you, nor the cop that hit you, the shrink that medicates you, the job that traps you, the press that lies to you, nor the prison that threat you can’t stop the desire for the insurrection.

Never give up, no compromise !
Death to the prison and the society that need them.
Not innocent neither guilty simply enemies.
Long life anarchy !

Fireworks in solidarity

Wenesday 7 august, at dusk, some fireworks were fired on front of the jail for women of Versailles and in front of the prison of Nanterre, in solidarity with the defendants arrested on May 1st at Gare du Nord, and against all prisons.

Nobody can be free if anyone is locked up

Freedom for all !


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