France , Quai de Valmy: updates on the last prisoner a year after the trial

A year after the sentencing of seven people to years in prison following the burning of a cop car in Quai de Valmy (Paris) on 18th May 2016, one of them is still rotting in prison, since February 2017.

After waiting more than nine months, his request for release on bail was rejected on the grounds that he has remained silent about the events he was accused of. Perhaps he doesn’t want to express remorse to the police ‘family of windows’ [rough translation involving “famille des victimes”, victims’ family, and “famille des vitrines”, windows’ family – re writing on a broken window in the spring of 2016]. Quite unlike another sentenced, who, after dissociating himself from the act and the ideas during the trial, is now trying to sell his little story on the shelves of the revolutionary supermarkets.

Not content with making him serve the whole sentence, the prison justice and administration are making his stay inside even more unbearable, multiplying the abuse against him. Strip-searches have become systematic after visits, without any explanation. Mail is being delivered to him irregularly, after having been blocked for weeks at the end of the summer. Letters from his lawyer are read by the screws. Visits are regularly cancelled at the jailers’ ill will. This situation is not exceptional, the role of prison is that of attempting to break individuals down and rehabilitate them so that they become docile and ready to be integrated into society. They must say they are sorry, expiate their guilt.
Solidarity expressed with actions and words, from leaflets to fires, helps to not give in to resignation and gives strength inside and outside.
Till the destruction of the last cage!
Freedom for all!


[Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!]

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