Call for texts on rationality/irrationality

A rather vague call for texts!
-> The relationship between science and rationality/irrationality in anarchist, anti-civilization milieus. <-
Are you tired of anticivs who are against science but shit on you as soon as you mention experiences that go beyond their rationality?
Do you think that several worlds that exist side by side and not everyone necessarily perceives them?
Do you want to attach importance to your dreams and perceptions?

How can people criticize science and technology without questioning rationality?
Who decides on rationality and norms? At what point and why? How do we do away with these imposed frameworks?
How many times have rationality and norms been used to banish the mad, the punks?
How to deal with thoughts that make you suffer which are considered to be irrational?
We are making this call but we are not free from psychophobic or normalizing behaviours either. And we would like to proceed to their annihilation or at least reflect on them a bit more.
Depending on our energies we are going to make a zine or a journal.
This call is addressed to people with whom we share common theoretical foundations: anti sexist, anti homophobic & queerophobic, anti racist, anti classist, anti psychophobic, antitoxicophobic, anticiv………..
We don’t want to release this zine on the world wide web…
GETTING THE IDEAS OUT OF THE INTERNET IS GREAT and it’s an anti-tech position (even if it’s not perfect, the call for texts is on the internet…).
We could however send the PDF to the people who participated and send printed copies to whoever wants them. The last moment for sending the texts is the winter solstice! (December 21, 2021) YIPPEE!



[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

[en français]

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