Paris : The case of the police car set on fire May 2016 – Demand for release rejected (16/06/2017)

On Friday 16th June a hearing took place to demand the release of the comrade imprisoned last February for the police car set on fire in May 2016 in Quai Valmy, Paris.

Unsurprisingly, the judge refused. The prosecution’s arguments are based solely on the comrade’s presence in demos after the events he’s accused of, and that he could escape trial; the judge agreed without hesitation, stating that our friend has never expressed himself on the case and that there was a risk of him not turning up for trial. This would justify the decision to keep the comrade at the disposal of Justice, i.e. in prison.

During one of the judge’s monologues, we learned that the trial date will be decided on 27th June, which, according to him, implies that the trial will last several days, starting at the end of the summer.

When the verdict was pronounced and the judge tried to tell us to keep calm, the forty or so people inside and outside the courtroom expressed their anger and shouted slogans. A few seconds later, the cops started to get threatening and we left the courtroom shouting ‘freedom’ and ‘everybody hates the law’, to the approval of the many defendants in the court and the anxiety of the gendarmes defending judges, prosecutors and tourists…

Let’s not allow the courts to work in silence!

Solidarity against the law and the police!

Freedom for all!

Note: A demand for the release of Kara, a comrade who has been locked up for over a year for the same case, was rejected on 9th June. It seems that a third person is still in prison, also after more than a year. As for the other 6 accused in the same case, 5 are out but subjected to various forms of control (some of them after some time in prison); the other accused is on the run. Good luck to him and strength to the compas in prison!

[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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