Letter from Kara, anarchist in jail for the burning of a cops’ car

Indymedia Nantes / samedi 13 mai 2017

Fleury, 4th of april 2017

Brief Statement

I would like people to know that I am not in accord with the statements I made to the judge.
It does not do to break with our principles just because of being afraid.
At the «trial» I plan on saying either nothing fruther or statements in accord with my principles. I am, have been for many years, & expect to always be, an anarchist.
I have the same principles & values that I had before I got arrested, & I never doubted them either. Being here has taught me some really important lessons I should’ve know before (but not the ones «they» want to teach.)
It’s important to me to be in solidarity with Krème. He’s my friend who I never met.
I’m so profondly greatful for the support I have gotten in the form of books, letters, money & just positive energy sent.
I think it’s not even an exageration to say I would be dead without it.

« No! Sentence first, trial afterwards ! « Replied the Queene of hearts.»»
Alice in Wonderland

Kara W.

No more laws No more lies
No more cages No more leaders
No more coffins No more history
Up with witches, up with wolves, up with whales


To write to her :

Kara (David Brault)
N° 428682
MAH de Fleury-Mérogis
7, avenue des Peupliers
91705 Saint-Geneviève-des-Bois Cedex

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