Paris: Anarchists defile libertarian procession

May 1, 2016. Like every Sunday there is the market at la Place des Fêtes. Like every May 1 it is the super-market of the libertarian organizations. Always the same routine, the same resigned faces, the same sad slogans, the same mythomaniac banners (“Kill Capitalism,” “Strikes, looting, sabotage”). This year some individuals decide to break this routine, and anarchism invites itself to the libertarian procession.

From the start the walls are tagged. The first to inaugurate the march, “Neither God nor master” (soon followed by “Neither cops nor prophets“), exhibited anarchist ideas in their entirety, without populist mutilation. Because yes, anarchist ideas are not adapted to suit the client, and poor neighbourhoods are not spared the religious pest (nor anti-theist anarchist ideas which have been expressing themselves for 150 years). Another tag said “If God existed we’d have to stone him” because no, for us Bakunin (and others) is not used for publishing successes or to prop up shelves. While some consider anti-theistic ideas a luxury reserved for a few internal discussions in the “enlightened” milieux, if we bear in mind that the oppressed often forge their own forms of authority themselves (mafia, religion, clannishness, machismo) below the forms of authority affecting all in varying degrees, we anarchists are and will remain against all authority.

While some prey on the windows of the anarchist library La Discordia (cf. Imposing moral order with a hammer – Communiqué from La Discordia), anarchists identify their enemies clearly and act accordingly.

This time, as always, some did not follow the advice of the respectable casseurs, and did not limit themselves to banks, job agencies and McDo’. Some joyous revellers decided to go after all the windows of domination along their way. When it comes to the enemy, we’re not picky.

Many are also the people to show their enthusiasm and approval during the march where Bouygues (prisons constructor), an SNCF [state railways] agency (co-responsible for the deportation of undocumented immigrants, and “co-builders” of borders), the banks BNP Paribas, Crédit du Nord, Crédit Mutuel, CIC, a MoneyGram agency, a real estate agency, a college of business finance, management and accounting, a Franprix, McDo’, had their windows smashed; billboards were ransacked, a Campanile hotel was tagged “Collabo of expulsions” and “Down with borders” (we know, for example, that it is the Campanile, Kyriad and Première Classe hotels of the Louvre group Hotels Group that host the CRS operating in Calais). A bouquet garni of tags flourishes throughout the march, including: “Fuck success Long live anarchy” on the walls of “ La fabrique du succès, business incubator,” “No God no master” on the walls of a church, “Down with all religions”, “Money is rotting our lives, death to capitalism”, “As long as there money there will never be enough for everyone” on a bank, “Work is the worst cop, Let’s destroy both”, “Labour Day, Alienation Day”, “The world of work in ruins or nothing”, “Fuck the journacops”, “No law no labour, shambolic revolt”, “Rage, trickery, rebellion”, “Suicided cop half forgiven”…

“Let’s work to destroy the world of work” could be read on a wall, what’s more, our ambition is to put an end to this world of authority and this intervention in the procession, only a few, shows that small minorities do not need the masses, just massettes [club hammers]



[translation by Act Fo Freedom Now]

[en français]

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